Targeted Advertisement by ISP: New French Investigation

von Dr. Axel Spies, veröffentlicht am 21.01.2008

The issue of targeted advertisement and legal responsibilities that is also the subject of a proceeding at the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) in the U.S. has now reached Europe: The French Data Protection Authority ("CNIL") has published an announcement that it has launched an investigation into privacy practices of the networking Web site Facebook.

The question of targeted advertisement is at the heart of this investigation. CNIL believes that Facebook’s policies may infringe with French data protection law that the company must inform users and Website visitors of the final use which will be made of all personal data, including the destination of data, as well as their right to access and correct stored information. In particular, CNIL has asked Facebook to provide further information on the methodology used to analyze member profiles, which is at the heart of the company's targeted advertising business model.

Link to the CNIL statement on Facebook -- in French:[uid]=515&cHash=7049f4c922

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