Steuerpodcast „Frisch serviert“: In Talk with Pascal Saint-Amans (former OECD Director)

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Steuerpodcast "Frisch serviert" von PwC und C.H.BECK

In the newest tax podcast episode Arne Schnitger and Christian Kaeser have a talk with Pascal Saint-Amans, who was for many years Director of the Center for Tax Policy and Administration at the OECD and is teaching tax policy at the University of Lausanne about recent developments in global taxation. 
They start with a retrospective and Saint-Amans points out the three most defining moments during the last 10 years. His work at the OECD was characterized by the end of bank secrecy, the fight against tax havens  and for a global minimum tax and also the start of tax cooperation. They discuss the importance of inclusivity for global tax changes, the difficulties of Pillar One, the challenges by implementing Pillar Two and the advantages of multilateralism. Finally Saint-Amans shares some insights regarding his new position as a Partner at the Brunswick Group, a UK based communication firm, where he gives advice to companies on strategic and critical issues, like tax, ESG, geopolitical issues and much more.

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