Multisensory Legal "Compunications" or rather Multisensory Legal Communication

I am pleased that the Community on Multisensory Law is steadily growing. Currently, there are 47 registered members.

I am also pleased to see that my postings are clicked on quite often. 4537 clicks, for instance, for "Legal Education Films for Law Students" (see < ...Weiterlesen

"Multisensory" as a Crucial Element of a Legal or Legally Relevant Text

The Mississippi Department of Education published "Guidelines and Procedures Concerning Dyslexia and Related Disorders" (see attachment).

According to those Guidelines and Procedures, "The purpose of this handbook of procedures related to dyslexia is to provide guidelines for Mississippi ...Weiterlesen

Multisensory Law Does Neither Amount to Visual Law Nor to Multimedia Law

In his posting of December 5, 2010, (see <>), PETER EBENHOCH, a member of this community, questioned the concept of ...Weiterlesen

Workshops on Multisensory Law at the International Symposion on Legal Informatics (IRIS) 2011

Multisensory law has already become the topic of a few conferences. On February 25, 2011, for example, workshops on multisensory law will take place at the International Symposion on Legal Informatics (IRIS), University of Salzburg, Austria(see < ...Weiterlesen

Multisensory Law and Legal Education

Currently, there is an intense debate in the legal discourse as to whether and how to reform legal education.

In the preface of his book entitled “Transforming Legal Education, Learning and Teaching the Law in the Twenty-first Century,” Paul Maharg (University of Strathclyde, UK) ...Weiterlesen

Towards Visual and Audiovisual Evidence in Criminal Proceedings

MMR ( has recently published my article entitled "Towards Visual and Audiovisual Evidence in Criminal Proceedings: Reflections on Regina Austin’s Article “Documentation, Documentary, and the Law: What Should be Made of Victim Impact ...Weiterlesen

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Besuchen Sie doch einmal die (recht exotische) Gruppe „Multisensory Law“ in der beck-community. Dr. Georg Schwarz stellt jetzt in der Untergruppe „Visual Law“ den ersten Prototyp des ... Weiterlesen

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Jury Symposium on (Audio-)Visual Evidence

On Friday, 11th June 2010, the International Centre for Comparative Criminological Research at the Open University, Milton Keynes, England, will hold a Jury Symposium on (Audio-)Visual Evidence. 

The following topics will be covered:

  • “Face Mapping” as Evidence in Court (
  • ...Weiterlesen

Less Pain during Execution of Death Sentence – Convicted Person Choosing Bullets over Lethal Injection

Last Saturday (April 24, 2010), Nate Carlisle and Pamela Manson (The Salt Lake Tribune) wrote an article entitled "Death row inmate Gardener: 'I would like the firing squad, please.'" I would like to quote a part of it which is particularly relevant to tactile-kinesthetic law, ...Weiterlesen