Visualization of Contracts

The visualization of contracts is a topic that has been discussed here (see ...Weiterlesen

Workshops on Multisensory Law at the International Symposion on Legal Informatics (IRIS) 2011

Multisensory law has already become the topic of a few conferences. On February 25, 2011, for example, workshops on multisensory law will take place at the International Symposion on Legal Informatics (IRIS), University of Salzburg, Austria(see < ...Weiterlesen

Law and the Image – Conference Report

From 24th to 25th September 2010, a conference was held at the National Library of Sweden in Stockholm with the title “Law and the Image.” It was organized by Prof. Dr. Leif Dahlberg, School of Computer Science and Communication, KTH, Stockholm, Håkan Gustafsson, lecturer, Department of Law, ...Weiterlesen

"The Fate of the Iconic Sign: Taser Video" - by Christina Spiesel, Yale Law School

In her article entitled "The Fate of the Iconic Sign: Taser Video," Christina Spiesel (Yale Law School) explores legal or legally relevant videos. In particular, she focuses critically on videos generated by tasers (electroshock weapons). The author calls them tasercam videos. According to ...Weiterlesen

Towards Visual and Audiovisual Evidence in Criminal Proceedings

MMR ( has recently published my article entitled "Towards Visual and Audiovisual Evidence in Criminal Proceedings: Reflections on Regina Austin’s Article “Documentation, Documentary, and the Law: What Should be Made of Victim Impact ...Weiterlesen

Visual Law for Children and Adolescents

In late August of this year, Sidney Mediation Partnership ( will launch a series of children’s self-help books about divorce, separation, and mediation entitled "Two Birthday Cakes."


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Besuchen Sie doch einmal die (recht exotische) Gruppe „Multisensory Law“ in der beck-community. Dr. Georg Schwarz stellt jetzt in der Untergruppe „Visual Law“ den ersten Prototyp des ... Weiterlesen

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Jury Symposium on (Audio-)Visual Evidence

On Friday, 11th June 2010, the International Centre for Comparative Criminological Research at the Open University, Milton Keynes, England, will hold a Jury Symposium on (Audio-)Visual Evidence. 

The following topics will be covered:

  • “Face Mapping” as Evidence in Court (
  • ...Weiterlesen

Visual Law

Visual law (Visuelles Recht) constitutes a branch of multisensory law. In the German-speaking area, the terms "legal visualization" (Rechtsvisualisierung), "visual legal communication" (Visuelle Rechtskommunikation), and "image law" (Bilderrecht) are also used to describe this field of intense  ...Weiterlesen

Scientific Events Relevant to Multisensory Law – The 2010 Rough Cut Video Festival and Clarity 2010

In recent times, more and more conferences and other events with a scientific background cover or include topics relevant to multisensory law and its branches, such as visual and audio-visual law.

Last Monday (April 19, 2010), for instance ...Weiterlesen