Steuerpodcast "Frisch serviert": US Book Minimum Tax

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Steuerpodcast "Frisch serviert" von PwC und C.H.BECK

In einer weiteren englischsprachigen Ausgabe des Steuerpodcasts "Frisch serviert" von PwC und C.H.BECK unterhalten sich Arne Schnitger und Douglas McHoney (PwC USA) über die durch den "Inflation Reduction Act" eingeführte neue US-Mindestbesteuerung "book minimum tax" (BMT) bzw. "alternative minimum tax" (AMT).
In a new English-language episode of the PwC/C.H.BECK tax podcast Arne Schnitger and Douglas McHoney (PwC USA) talk about the US book minimum tax (BMT) respectively the corporate alternative minimum tax (AMT), newly introduced by the "Inflation Reduction Act". 

This new tax is applicable for tax years beginning after December 31, 2022. The episode starts with an overview of the development of the BMT and explains who it applies to, how it is calculated and how it interacts with the regular income tax. The discussion continues with the similarities and differences of the BMT in comparison to the Pillar Two rules as well as to the GILTI regime and finally illustrates that the BMT could trigger negative tax consequences under the Pillar Two rules.

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