A new AI-powered player in the legal translation space?

von Peter Winslow, veröffentlicht am 02.09.2022

There seems to be a new AI-powered player in the legal translation space – NEUR.ON.

Here are a few first thoughts:

  • There is not much information on who they are or what they do. The website is modest and not very informative yet, though I suspect that will change soon enough. 
  • The company describes itself as follows: "Legal Tech start-up building on the latest Machine Learning Technology, offering a SaaS dedicated to lawyers with an end-to-end solution for their translation needs – fully tuned to ​speed, accuracy & security requirements​." ——But all this seems to be legal translation with an AI-powered infrastructure. I don't know what that means, and the company hasn't told us yet.
  • One of its partners is Tilde, whose proprietary MT does not seem to be very good, judging from its own MT output on its own website (I wrote about this some time ago).
  • The NEUR.ON team does not seem to include any translators; while this is not unusual in the translation industry, it is regrettable all the same. The team seems to be comprised of entrepreneurs, tech professionals, and marketers. So, nothing new really.
  • NEUR.ON seems to see itself as a niche LSP with new tech. So, again, nothing new really.
  • NEUR.ON has raised CHF 1.6 million so far. So, again, NEUR.ON seems to be following well-trodden paths in the translation industry: gather team of non-translators, find investors, profit from providing products/services other than translation, here: software.
  • NEUR.ON's first product is LexMachina – the Translation Engine for Swiss Lawyers. So, NEUR.ON seems confined, initially anyway, to the Swiss legal space. Expansion plans do not seem to be available publicly – yet.

Of course, NEUR.ON wants to disrupt the space I have a vested interest in. So, I will be following developments carefully. 

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Die CEO & Founder der Neur.on AI Solutions, Frau Paula Reichenberg, konnte aus technischen Gründen diesen Beitrag nicht kommentieren und hat mich gebeten, ihren Kommentar unter meinem, aber in ihrem Namen zu posten.

Thank you for your post, Peter Winslow – looking forward to revealing more information about our products over the next months. We hope that you are going to keep your word and “follow our developments carefully” .

To answer one of your questions right away: NEUR.ON is a tech spin-off of Hieronymus, Translations by Lawyers for Lawyers, a Swiss boutique LSP specialized in legal and financial translation with over fifteen years of experience. It is our devotion to our profession that led us to build NEUR.ON, and our tech solutions are conceived, tested, used… and judged mercilessly by lawyer-linguists.

I’d be very interested in knowing what features you would expect from an AI solution tuned to your needs. I hope you will attend the BDÜ’s “7. Fachkonferenz Sprache und Recht” on 16/17 September 2022 in Berlin and will have time for a chat.

Best regards, Paula

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